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Here you can find out more about the projects that Newham MoneyWorks are involved in within the community.

Our key projects this year are focused around preventing homelessness and helping people run their own personal budgets. This includes helping residents manage debt and changes to the benefits system.


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Money management

Get free advice on how to manage your personal budget. Learn how you can compare the prices for a range of items including energy suppliers and insurance to see how much you could save each month on bills. We can help you make the switch to cheaper suppliers without seeing a drop in the quality…

Benefits and income maximisation

If you feel you should be getting more money through your benefits or if you have never looked into what you could be entitled to you can join one of our outreach events and let an expert look over your details. Even if you are in work, you may still be entitled to benefits to…

Homelessness prevention

Homelessness can be the result of many different issues but we believe that no-one in Newham should be living on the streets. We feel that by intervening early enough, homelessness can and will become a thing of the past. With the help of the Department for Work and Pensions we are aiming to help those…

Personal budget support for those on universal credit

MoneyWorks offers Newham residents free Personal Budgeting Support. Designed to help people deal with the introduction of Universal Credit which was rolled out in Newham in July 2018, MoneyWork’s budgeting support gives residents a better understanding of the new system and how they must manage their own personal finances. Externally funded by the Department for…

Let’s talk about…money

Join us for this special event and Let’s talk about money. Tuesday 25 February 2020 11am – 3pm Beckton Globe Library 1 Kingsford Way, E6 5JQ Come along for free impartial advice and support on: benefit entitlements affordable loans debt advice energy bill savings financial health check money saving tips Get free advice from the…